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© 2019 by Mark Konold

I started blogging in 2005 when I quit a stable-but-unfulfilling job to find a better use of my talents. I was, as the title suggests, being novaturient. At best, writing about it would be a way to process the fear and anxiety I was bound to experience At worst it would be a chronicle of adventures, reflections, observations, and occasional mishaps with no real point. It seems to blend the better parts of the two. A summary of the arc from then to now can be found here. The calculated risk was clearly worth it. I keep the blog going in the hopes others will benefit from it. It contains entries from my time in Jamaica and Italy while trying to find that higher and better use, as well as insights gained along the way. See the categories below for more and, if you are moved to do so, connect with me to discuss further using the social media links in the footer of the page.