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Bookmark: Great By Choice

It’s no surprise Jim Collins has taken the success and accuracy of Good to Great, and raised the bar in Great By Choice. In this very applicable and challenging book, Collins and Morten Hansen lay out basic principles for achieving greatness in organizations. No surprise, greatness happens because of an intention to be great, rather than luck or happenstance.

Collins and Hansen look at various factors successful organizations have thrived by because of a zealous belief in their approach to their respective businesses despite all of the noise and chaos happening around them. They also provide warning tales of organizations that, while on a path to potential greatness, did the opposite and paid the price.

This book can be dry if business, organizations; effectiveness, etc. do not get your juices flowing. Business and leadership books are only so sexy. However, if you have an enterprise, regardless of the size, and want to know some of the common traits and stories of some of the most successful – and incredibly unlikely – companies, choose to read Great By Choice.


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