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Caribbean, Round II

February 11, 2012


If someone had told me in July 2007 that I’d return to the Caribbean some day, I don’t think I would have discounted it. But I don’t know that I would have said I’d be moving back with someone. Sitting next to me at 30,000 feet is Ray Ray, who has been assigned to the Consular office at the U.S. Embassy in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.


How we got to this point is a bit of a long story. The bottom line is that when it came time for her to designate overseas posts in which she was interested, she topped the lists with countries with whom I am already working as part of my current job: the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Jamaica. Being in the region, while not absolutely necessary, just makes my research that much easier – and managing a project with a team back in DC slightly more reliant on telecommunications.


We will be there for the next two years and already have a list of potential visitors. We have no idea what life will be like vis-à-vis downtime and weekend trips but I suspect it will largely be like previous overseas experiences. We’ve heard good things about the embassy community being pretty tight knit and helpful, plus I’ve had a few trips here already for work and have a cursory knowledge of the city layout and such.


Still, this is larger in scale than previous overseas ventures for both of us. Our respective experiences were never larger than a few suitcases out of which to live for prolonged periods of time. Only days ago professional movers were at our apartment boxing up everything to be sent to the island. We bought car that is currently being arranged for transport by ship. We’re bringing artwork for the walls.


This is a good time to start a new corner of the blog space on this personal web site, one chronicling the adventures of Mutt and RayRay, our nicknames for each other that seem to have caught on. I imagine I’ll be using it often. Stay tuned to find out.



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