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This Is What Incompetence Looks Like

January 30, 2018

Our president is not well liked.


Look at the actual results in this polling data.


Seriously, take your lunch break today and pore over this. I admit, it gets monotonous after a while, but it’s telling. Aside from niche groups, by and large Trump can’t even muster 50% support on anything.


Yes, there are diehard supporters who will happily follow him anywhere and support any anti-Democratic idea he pukes out. He, and they, deeply wish he were a dictator.  That is the only operating level that makes sense for those so emotionally insecure and intellectually bankrupt. He also has the unwavering support of those responding as Strong Republican. You know, the Party Over Country crowd. To boot, he has the Evangelicals, who have completely sold out any shred of objective reality and principle. Snakes have more backbone.


And of course if you look at anyone responding as a Strong Democrat, you will find people who would rather take a potato peeler to their shins than say anything positive about Trump. That’s a no-brainer, so let's ignore them. Instead, step back from very specific segments of responders to the bigger pictures. Take a look at aggregated responses by region, age groups and income levels. Very, very seldom – if ever – does this president have AT LEAST 50% support.


That’s not good. Imagine going in to your annual performance review with your boss knowing you perpetually had less than 50% of your boss' approval all the time.


Overall approval amongst large groups? 47% is the highest score. (Page 3)


Open it up to Strongly Approve or Strongly Disapprove, much higher numbers in the latter than the former. (Page 5)


Favorable or Unfavorable view of the president? The latter category stomps out the former.  (Page 13)


Are his policies aimed at supporting the rich, middle class, or poor? Not looking good for a guy who was supposed to help the “forgotten men and women of America.” (Page 15)


Etcetera, etcetera.


Also of note, Congress is viewed in the same glowing light. (Pages 7-12)


Look, it’s no secret I think the current president is a complete abomination. Aside from a negative balance of moral fiber, he is completely incompetent and unfit for the highest office in the land. Time and again he has shown he has no respect for (let alone working knowledge of) democratic institutions, the rule of law, or anything happening beyond his three-foot radius of personal space. He has the emotional temperament and maturity of a junior high schooler. I could go on, but you get the point.


Tonight he gives his first State of the Union address and like every president; he’ll paint the rosiest picture possible. Sadly for him, and for all of us, there is little to actually be proud of. The man is failure personified thus far, and the country largely agrees. His core – and I use that word deliberately because “base” implies some measure of broad support, which he clearly lacks – is all in, largely because they don’t know any better. And when challenged to formulate a coherent response to any rebuke, they just double down. When you’re already headed for the cliff in a speeding car with no brakes and no chance for escape, why not press the accelerator a little harder?


Trump will boast and offer his usual mountain of half-truths, if not outright lies. He’ll try to sell success and use the economy and stock market as his metrics, both of which are robust after years of struggling to find good footing in the wake of the global financial crisis. That’s the only port in his storm. But remember, that growth didn’t happen overnight, or solely on his watch. Like many, he is quick to forget the years of consistent job growth and economic expansion he inherited from the last guy, and the fact that the United States was the only Western economy to do so.


The dealer tossed him a Big Slick (an Ace and a King) and he didn’t totally wreck his hand. That’s how low the bar is for him. Apparently that’s what passes as leadership these days.


And what else will he try to sell as successes?


The tax breaks? Not only do any benefits not really kick in until 2019, there is that pesky $1.5 trillion price tag. Oh, and not all business leaders are feeling it.


Pulling out of the Paris agreement? Talk about leading from behind.


Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital? The world loves us for that. (By the way, did you notice his Mafioso response? “We’re taking names.” Classy.)


Trying to wreck the Iran nuclear deal? Because one nuclear outbreak crisis isn’t enough.


Potential nuclear war with North Korea? He’s just overcompensating.


Making Nazis great again? Broad support on many sides.


This president is an abject failure so far. Domestically, internationally, socially. And don’t let anything he says tonight lead you to believe otherwise.



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