Thank you for visiting my small corner of the internet. I've used this space in one form or another to share my work, experiences, learning, and travels with family, friends, and colleagues who have shown interest. For a time (2009-12) the site existed solely on a crashed hard drive and piecemeal Word documents thanks to my tinkering with the inner workings of iWeb. I never learned to follow my own advice about regular backups and paid the price. Lesson learned.

This site started back in 2005 as a blog about my search for a "higher and better use" of my talents, and some of life's other big questions. That line of questioning, coupled with a willingness to take some calculated risks, has resulted in a fun and unconventional narrative. The original blog currently exists as Make Change.

Most days my work on energy and climate change takes center stage. However, even that line of work has provided ample opportunities to explore a litany of other topics. Sustainable development, international affairs, or project management might be the topic du jour. Other interests such as sports, leadership, and pop culture creep in here and there. I try to weave this compendium in a way that makes sense, shows the interconnectedness of varied experiences, is interesting to read, and at the very least has a point. My success has been varied.

I have the most amazing and supportive wife, and am the father of an dazzling boy who is responsible for my exhaustion and ever-graying hair. On both counts I got better than I probably deserved.


You'll find more details of my work in the links above. Feel free to explore, and connect with me using the social media links in the footer.




The ongoing crisis in Venezuela is not getting nearly as much attention as it deserves. One of the world's largest oil producers is home to a humanitarian crisis that could spill beyond its borders rapidly

This has the potential to be meaningful legislation some day. Its goals are as ambitious as they are necessary. Head to the blog where I review both its practicality and its politics.


The Democratic primary is bound to resemble the Republican clown car of 2016. However, any of the main contenders has what it takes to do better than Trump. 



My wife bought me this for Christmas after I had completely forgotten about it earlier in the year. Kearns Goodwin looks at the presidencies of Lincoln, LBJ, and the two Roosevelts - each of whom navigated years of unease and change. It is obviously meant to draw parallels to the upheaval of the current moment. I have yet finish and therefore have no review. But stay tuned.

I cannot count the number of games I attended at Wrigley Field. History cannot full account the number of significant memories rooted here, nor fully capture a stadium equivalent to a cathedral for so many fans. This book, given to me by my surrogate brother-in-law, Joe, is both a history lesson, and a walk visit to my old neighborhood.

Marcus Aurelius is considered one of history's greatest leaders and thinkers. I've eyed this title for a while now, hoping its lessons will impact the personal and professional aspects of my life. It seems a timely read given how the world seems to be testing long-held truths and  principles often associated with classics like this.

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