A Nobel Prize for Not Being the Last Guy

I don’t know why but I want to go on record for this: Barack Obama has done nothing to deserve a Nobel Peace Prize except not be George W. Bush.

I understand – or at least I think I do – the committee’s desire to honor the impact Obama’s arrival on the world stage has meant to the global community. Only an idiot would try to deny how well-received he has been, and the dramatic shift in the global mood in facing the incredibly dire circumstances in which we find ourselves. And as the New York Times points out, it’s a not-so-subtle message about how the world views the Bush presidency.

And that’s all to the good. I think the trainwreck that has defined the last eight years should be underscored in the hopes it doesn’t happen again. Aside from PEPFAR and perhaps Medicare Part D, I can see little good from that administration. And given the economic miasma in which we find ourselves, it may be quite a while before we are fully back on our feet.

I will give Obama credit for how he accepted the prize. I suspect he is aware of how farcical it looks given he has been in office but nine months with two wars raging. Let’s check back in a few years’ time and reassess, shall we?

Okay, back to it.


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