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Clearing the Air

Thanksgiving is at the doorstep here in the States. For those of you celebrating it, I hope it's a great time with family, friends, and great food.

And you thought a Thanksgiving Day kitchen was hot. (Image:

In between bouts of tryptophan-induced naps, football games, and other festivities, you may find a spare minute to read. I recommend checking out this article in The Economist about some clean tech that may help with the world's greenhouse gas emission problem.

The whole thing is truly fascinating: large investments are being made in technologies of all scales to "scrub" the air of harmful emissions. Some of these technologies even transform the waste into a useful fuel. Regardless, it is an equally important element in the fight against the negative externalities of our energy production and consumption. Cutting down future emissions will not be enough. We need to also remove the excess emissions that have been -- and will continue -- polluting our atmosphere. So eat, drink, and read up. And when it's nap time, dream of a future with much cleaner air (which will come in handy when you start that exercise program after a few rounds at the dessert table!)


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