Aging Well

There are worse ways to spend one's birthday. I was blessed to spend mine - a few days back - with some lovely people, taking in sights of the southeast corner of the island. After a quick visit to the orphanage, we toured Black River and then stopped for lunch at Jack Sprat, the best place for pizza on the island. Then it was off to Frenchman's Cove to hire a boat for a run out to the infamous Pelican Bar, which sits on a sandbar about 1 km off the coast. What a lucky guy I am.

Started the day with these fine gentlemen.

Today's explorers. (L to R): Carrie, Yours Truly, Judy, Aaron, and Jason.

Singing happy birthday? Nope. Wating patiently for someone to make a mistake.

Aging gracefully?

Fenchman's Cove: Hire a ride to take you out to the bar.

Pelican Bar: Cold beer and fresh cooked fish await.

Picturesque ending to a great day.



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