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Keeping the Flame Alive

I took some time this holiday weekend to read a few things here and there. One of the most interesting articles I found was about tennis star Roger Federer and how he, at the old-by-professional-standards age of 37 is still atop the tennis world. It is rare to find an athlete at the top of their game for so long. Indeed, when it comes to sports, Father Time is undefeated.

At 37, Federer is giving Father Time a run for his money. (Photo: Getty Images)

But Federer is giving Father Time a serious volley with respect to retirement. And he's doing it with in some very simple ways. And as I read the article, I realized the four lessons behind Federer's success are applicable to anyone dedicated to the art of living a more aware and meaningful life. Without giving away all the details, here are the four lessons:

Take time off to heal your body and mind: Take a break from the grind, your hobbies, your appointments. Just take a breath. give yourself the gift of recharging your batteries. Yes, even living with intention takes effort, so give it a rest so you can get back to it.

Always keep working on your game: Whatever it is you do for work, for personal development, as a hobby, avoid the ruts. As the old saying goes, the truly educated never graduate. Always be willing to learn.

Maintain the love for what you do: Whether its the job, hobbies, organizations, etc., maintain a passion for it on some level. That can be difficult given the myriad stresses in our lives, but that's what the first lesson is for.

Embrace new tech: While the old ways often work best, there are often new tools to implement them. Seek them out and use them to execute better.



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