Play To Your Strengths

A few weeks ago I ever-so-casually mentioned a guy named Marcus Buckingham and penchant for people focusing on their strengths rather than their flaws or weaknesses. Anyone who has read a single word in this space can probably understand my enthusiasm for this idea and for his cause. And since my first mention of him, I have taken some time to explore his web site and get a better idea of where this chap is coming from. The conclusion: he is quite brilliant.

He has a lot of great points, many of which you can get a glimpse of in the dozen-or-so video clips located at the bottom left hand corner of the Resources page on his site. He talks about leadership, managers, engaging workers, etc. My favorite clip is Brits vs. Americans not only because of its accuracy, but because he, like most Brits, has an abundantly intelligent sense of humor. “When I first came to the United State, I was sent to Lincoln, Nebraska for my (pause) sins.”

Have I read even a single word in any of his books? Not yet. I have a few works I am slogging currently slogging through before I get to this one. But I do keep up with Mr. Buckingham in FastCompany, a rag you should definitely check out if you have any desire to look at work as something to enjoy rather than as a millstone around your neck.

Check him out on your lunch break this week. You’ll like what you hear.


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