The Show Must Go On

Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in. In truth, I willingly auditioned.

The show went up tonight: All In The Timing, by David Ives; brought to you by the SAIS Bologna Rational Actors. It was a grand and glorious affair in which people stumbled their way to love, ordered food they never wanted (only to get what they wanted anyway), spoke gibberish, asked repeatedly for bread, hypothesized on Trotsky's demise and monkeyed around with Hamlet.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, check this out:

I believe I mentioned this in a previous entry. It has been a nice little distraction from school and such a wonderful team project. As if I wasn’t already getting to know these wonderful people, I got to know a few them even more. Judging by the audience, it wasn’t too shabby for a bunch of econ and policy geeks. As always, nothing compares to performing for a live audience. So immediate. So much more at stake in the moment.

When I first mentioned I was doing this, I believe I included the fact that I have done this play before. However this time I took on different roles, which allowed me to see the play with different eyes. And I’d be lying if I said I didn’t steal a little bit from the folks who, ten years ago, inhabited the characters I was lucky to explore this time around. I made a couple of choices in The Universal Language that I might not have made otherwise.

My castmates for "All In the Timing."

This really has nothing to do with the themes or tone of my blog to this point. There is no big risk (at least for me) in getting on stage. It’s not like going to a foreign land; I speak the language well. No major life lessons this time around. Just something joyful, and that’s enough.

Tomorrow is closing night. There will be no encore. (We could only secure the theatre for a few days). It’s okay, the next big performance is just around the corner. Finals are just a few weeks away, so I’m bowing out of this space for about a month. Wish me luck.