The Bologna Center hosted its graduation ceremony last night and with it, the school year here has come to a close. For the record, it was the most relaxed graduation ceremony I’ve ever been a part of. They need to be like that more often.

The past nine months has been saturation of economics, international relations, politics and history. It’s been all-consuming and to those of you who are awaiting some form of contact, thanks for your patience. I’ll get to you soon. But also, and more importantly, thanks for your support. My level of self-doubt is no secret and many of you have chimed in to let me know how much you believe in me, and that has made quite a difference.

Panorama of Bologna, Italy taken while atop one of its two towers.

I am also grateful to all of my classmates. They are an amazing group of dynamic individuals; intellectually formidable, socially gracious and arguably some of the smartest people I have met. I am eager for this train to keep rolling.

Next up, a few weeks off. I’m going to see a lot of what I have wanted to see but, for obvious reasons, have not. Remember my lament about not seeing much of Venice during Carnivale? I am rectifying that in about three days as I head there to walk the streets slowly. Alone. After that, Tuscany, and in between, local sightseeing... as is noted by the panorama taken from atop one of Bologna's towers.