One for My Italian Friends

This one goes out to Federico, Giuliana, Francesca, Stefano, Rossana, Nausicaa, and Francisco.

These are a few of the Italian students that were on the trip to Sarajevo back in February. They have taken good care of us in our time here and arranged for a nice dinner in a town just 20 minutes North of Bologna. Only here can I try ravioli filled with prosciutto, covered in cherries. And let’s not forget the tortellini covered in a strawberry sauce sprinkled with coffee ,or the rizotto with ham, almonds and pineapple. I’ve been food spoiled here from the moment I arrived and have loved every morsel. Seriously, if you ever come to Italy, Bologna is a hidden gem that will not disappoint.

Our friends put together quite a spread to send us off in style; "us" being the stragglers of SAIS who are still around for one reason or another. And they made sure to give me an earful for being in the library more than at the bar in the evening hours. They certainly looked at me askew when I told them I am already studying for an exam I plan to take later this year.

I'm out of here in a week. I’ve got a quick stop in Rome to wrap up some loose ends and then off to Nairobi. I’m aware I’ve deviated from this blog’s original intent: examining what happens when facing fear. If anything this has become more of a travel log. I try to throw in the big life questions from time to time but that does not appear to be pool of light in which I stand on this stage at the moment. Maybe that will change while I’m in Kenya for the next few months. Or maybe new pools of light worth examining keep popping up the further I take this experiment. (For the geeks out there, this is where that whole tagging idea might come in handy. I’ve been tinkering with code and trying to work in some fanciful stuff. We’ll see how things go.)

I don’t know what my connectivity status will be for the coming weeks, so I’m going to sign off for now. I’ll try to get back to this as soon as I can. Until then, walk good.



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