A rhino at Lake Nakuru National Park, Kenya

My stay in Karungu lasted longer than originally planned largely due to a broken vehicle. The trusty Land Rover suffered a broken timing belt (among other ailments) and for a time, we had no means to travel from the western edge of the country back to the capital. Once we were able to get our hands on a spare truck, we trekked to Kisii and scrounge for parts. We found everything we needed, including the elusive – an abnormally expensive – timing belt. A few days later, we packed up and headed east.

We spent a few days back in Molo while we paid short visits to parishes and schools there an in Sotik. Personally I’m absolutely frustrated with the degree to which I can “only” fix these computers and get them in some kind of working shape for those who will use them. To them, you’d think I was Santa Claus. In truth, to get the various schools, parishes, etc. up and running properly would not take much. Here’s hoping my friend’s microlending idea takes off.

Before heading back to Nairobi, I had the chance to go on safari in Lake Nakuru National Park. Check out the gallery for more.