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Bracket Distraction

Taking a small but needed break from the maddening erosion of Western democracy, I turn to something that has become a staple of the transition from winter to spring: March Madness.

Once again I find myself on a plan to Chicago in the middle of March to join my compatriots for what has become somewhat of a religious holiday for us. I should start saving and/or posting the email chain sent among us on the first full working day of any given year. All of us chime in about having submitted our request for time off in March.

This year is no different. The annual tradition continues. I have given scant attention to college basketball this season, largely because of the need to keep a closer eye on goings on in Washington. These are not easy days. But more on that later. I need a break.

Keeping with what I began last year, and following the lead of my good friend, Hockeyfight, here is this year’s bracket:

This is going to go poorly. How do I know? Because I've picked Kansas to go so far.


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