In the Spring of 2005 I began blogging as a means of recording my experience quitting a job I found very unsatisfying and searching for a better use of my talents. That adventure took me from the private sector, to non-profits, to working with the rural poor of Jamaica, and back to the non-profit sector in Chicago. I feel closer to finding the next big development on the path, though I’m still not completely sure what it is. Right now, it looks like me applying to myriad graduate programs in International Relations, most likely to focus on international development of one stripe or another. I am still discerning what that will be.

As the process has unfolded, I’ve become interested in jotting down idea, thoughts, and reflections of other interests. However, it felt muddled mingling them with the theme of the original blog. Therefore, as I wrote in a blog post marking this split, I’m starting this new space, Remarks, for such themes and topics. (Yes, that’s a play on my name.) The original blog, which focuses on the search for a more fulfilling life and the learning associated with it, continues but under a new moniker, Make Change. Hopefully this will be a clear enough distinction between the two.

So many topics to write about, so little time.

Currently, I’m interested in blogging about political happenings. I have always been interested in that world, but am more so now given that the field I am exploring is inexorably linked to it. As promised in one of the last posts on the original blog, current thoughts on the ongoing presidential race will be the next entry. However, my interests in travel, science and technology, and sports remain strong enough for me to feel the need to opine. Do not be surprised to find those topics corralled here too.

I hope to keep this space interesting, informative, and worth your time to visit often. I would not fancy myself the most interesting man in the world, (although I do love that ad campaign) but have been told on more than one occasion I live a life less ordinary. Hopefully it’s worth writing – and reading – about. At this point, if you are reading this site, it’s likely because I know you personally and you’ve asked to be kept up-to-date on my latest happenings. This is an easy way to accomplish that.

Glad to have you along.


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